Does Life Truly Take Visa?

Posted in Credit Cards by trainer on 27 September 2018

Have you checked what’s in your wallet lately? Most likely, you have at least one or a variety of credit cards ready at hand to make a purchase. This is because “life takes Visa.” Why else? “Because it’s everywhere you want to be and there are some things money just can’t buy…and for everything else there’s MasterCard.” But don’t forget, “it pays to Discover.” Why do consumers obtain and use credit cards? Are they pushed into having credit cards from marketing ads?

Marketing surely plays a part in determining which credit card to apply for, but there are many other reasons for consumers to have and use them. Here are some good reasons why:

Purchasing Convenience

The biggest advantage to having a credit card is that of convenience. Up to a few hundred years ago, consumers lugged heavy purses full of coins and dipped into it whenever they made a purchase. Nowadays, you can use a single piece of lightweight plastic to make purchases almost anywhere: department stores, rental cars, merchandise, services. You can even use your card to purchase a value meal at a fast-food restaurant. Truly, it is convenient to purchase on plastic and make one easy payment to your credit card company.

Reservations and Rentals

In some cases, it is an absolute must to use a credit card. Hotels and rental cars are an example. To make a hotel or rental car reservation, you must provide a credit card number to hold the reservation. Even during check in, most high class hotels will want a credit card number to charge “incidentals” in case you skip checking out. Rental cars are the same way. You cannot rent a vehicle without a credit card reservation and number on file during the rental period.

Obtaining Cash

Sometimes, we just need immediate cash. If your bank account is low and a need for cash arises, you can withdraw cash from your credit card via an ATM. Some credit card companies will even provide you with checks that you can use to make purchases or transfer credit card balances to make it easy.

Reward Yourself

Even with so many credit cards on the market, demand is high and competition is stiff. Credit card issuers will use enticements to obtain new customers. Some of those enticements can benefit the user with free rewards. Rewards cards are very popular, and credit card issuers partner up with many merchandisers and service providers to create a variety of rewards products. Using a rewards card, you can earn points with every purchase that you can redeem for free benefits like airline tickets, free shopping, free gas, free restaurant meals, and many more. With rewards, you get a great benefit, and if used properly and smartly, the credit cards end up “paying” you, while you never have to pay a fee.

Indeed, life in this current high-tech society can be much easier and convenient with credit cards. While credit cards are not a necessity, they do allow you to take full advantage of merchant rewards and purchasing conveniences.